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Comprehensive Eye Care for the Whole Family

The doctors and staff at the Waterloo Vision Care Clinic  are dedicated to providing the most complete and best eye care for you and your family.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

 A visual screening at a school, at a driver’s test or at a mall is not a comprehensive eye exam and does nothing to detect the early signs of ocular disease. Protect your vision with a regular comprehensive eye exam by dedicated qualified  professionals . The Waterloo Vision Care Clinic has doctors recognized for their exemplary patient care and use of state of the art methods and technology.


Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric eye care is one of the specialties of the Waterloo Vision Care Clinic. The Clinic is a proud participant and sponsor of the EYE SEE … Eye Learn program that provides free eye glasses to children in junior kindergarten.Vision problems are one of the key contributors to a child’s early learning difficulties.  Don’t let your child’s learning be impaired due to undetected or unnoticed visual defects.  Have their eyes examined regularly by qualified caring professionals.

pediatric eye exam

Laser Refractive Surgery

Laser surgery to the eyes  to correct visual acuity is truly a modern medical marvel. It was only the stuff of science fiction a few years ago. The doctors at Waterloo Vision Care Clinic have counseled and assisted hundreds of patients  through the process of corrective laser eye surgery. Dr. Newman had laser surgery performed on her eyes in 1999 to correct near sightedness with excellent results.

Treatment of Ocular Disease

Our doctors are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye.  We prescribe topical and oral medications for infections, inflammations, pain, dry eyes, glaucoma and allergies.  We also work with top specialists and surgeons in the area to make referrals and co-manage patient care when indicated.

Advanced Imaging and Diagnosis

Our practice is based on attention to detail, strong patient relationships, and being on the leading edge of eye care technology.

We use the most current technology throughout our office, during exams and for patient care. From our new Topcon  Maestro OCT to our Zeiss Humphrey field analyzer, we use the best and most efficient tools for a comprehensive eye exam. These diagnostic tools are integrated with our computerized, paperless patient records. You’ll find computers in all parts of the office, including our lab and dispensary.

eye exam

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are a listed medical device by Health Canada and must be prescribed and fitted by an optometrist.  Like drugs, they provide benefits, while posing certain risks.  You can minimize those risks by being fit and cared for by an experienced  doctor of optometry.  The doctors at the Waterloo Vision Care Clinic specialize in contact lens fitting  and have fit thousands of patients with all types of conditions with different contact lenses over the last 30 years.  

Eye Glasses and Contacts

Medical appliance or fashion accessory?  Glasses and contacts are uniquely both. They define What you see, Who you are, and How you look. Our clinic has a large selection of affordable frames as well as the latest frames from the top European and American designers. We can help you see well and look well.

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Visual Perceptual Testing

Dr. Newman has been diagnosing and providing therapy for children with visual perceptual delays for over 20 years with great success. Areas that are evaluated during visual perceptual testing include: Visual Discrimination, Visual Memory, Visual Closure, Visual Sequencing, Form Constancy, Figure-Ground and Spatial Relations.